Studio #4 / Algaetype - Materialize the Camargue territory through organic photography
09.07.2018 -12.07.2018

Studio #4 / Algaetype - Materialize the Camargue territory through organic photography

Atelier Luma, Arles - France

The National School of Photography, Arles, and Atelier Luma invite you to take part in the Algaetype photography workshop. Created by Kristof Vrancken, the Algaetype experimental photography process uses algae to design paper and extract pigments. Over the course of 4 days, you'll be invited to discover and collect the territory's algae, to experiment with photography and capture the beauty of the Camargue landscapes, to understand the issues at stake in the territory and to produce innovative biomaterials.

This workshop will be supervised by Kristof Vrancken, experimental photography teacher and researcher at LUCA School of Arts, and Diane Trouillet, multi-disciplinary and experimental artist. The Anthropocene and the promotion of eco-responsible resources are central to both their research.


9-12 July 2018
Atelier Luma, Parc des Ateliers, Arles
ENSP, Arles

Exhibition: The Artist's Studio?

Exhibition: The Artist's Studio?

Z33, Hasselt

The Artist’s Studio? navigates through various typologies of the artist's studio. Starting from the different artistic practices of the artists of Vonk (an organisation that provides studio spaces to professional artists in the cities of Hasselt and Genk), the exhibition focuses on the relationship between the artworks and their place of origin. Does the artist need a permanent studio to work in? Is the studio a place of reflection or rather a sanctuary? Does the studio function as a museum? Or is it primarily a laboratory for the production of knowledge?

Curators Sofie Dederen and Dirk Engelen (B-bis architecten) engage in conversation with Vonk artists regarding the necessity of a studio and what is the ideal form of a workplace for a creator. The outcome is presented in Z33’s beguinage houses.

With its research into the evolving art practice, The Artist's Studio? is part of the Z33 Research Studio Work. Z33 Research stands for the greater subjects and lines of thought that Z33 works on for longer periods of time. More information:


Sofie Dederen en Dirk Engelen


B-bis architecten


Rogier Rensen, Anton Kusters, Slammer!, Joke Hansen, Carla Swerts, Brecht Koelman, Elias Ghekiere, Lien Paulissen, Marnik Neven, Kristof Vrancken, Öznur Özturk, Sarah Reynders, Gökhan Girginol, Johan Bruninx

Exhibition: Remembering Landscape
10.06.2018 -30.08.2018

Exhibition: Remembering Landscape

Museum für Gegenwartskunst Siegen

What is landscape today? We continue to imagine the aesthetic ideal comprising a variety of natural, agricultural and settlement areas. By contrast, modern landscapes are often ‘non-places’. Traces appear there – traces of industrial intervention, changing  borderlines, flight, war or uncontrolled development and mining.

What remains is a remnant of nature, in which ruins bear witness to historical events. Barren landscapes that speak of past violence, degraded to material. At the same time memories (of war) are embodied visibly by 20th century architectural monuments.

The exhibition's 25 artists and groups of artists grant a voice to landscape. They create current landscape images located between fiction, symbol and documentation, and appeal to our ability to read and decipher them – but also to the imagination and our capacity to mourn.

Curated by the museum's director Eva Schmidt and Kai Vöckler, College of Design (HfG) Offenbach.

A cooperation with the Museum of Contemporary Art, Bucharest, the Center for Decontamination, Belgrade, and Sint-Lukas Gallery, Brussels.

An exhibition catalogue with numerous texts and illustrations will be published by Snoeck Verlag, Cologne. An extensive program of events (see calendar, homepage) will accompany the presentation.

Marianna Christofides, Luc Delahaye, Chloe Dewe Mathews, Lukas Einsele, Anca Benera und Arnold Estefán, Cyprien Gaillard, Anne Heinlein und Göran Gnaudschun, Markus Karstieß, Thomas Kellner, Jan Kempenaers, Anselm Kiefer, Aglaia Konrad, Susanne Kriemann, Armin Linke, Richard Mosse, Andreas Mühe, Multiplicity, Paul Nash, Alexandra Navratil, Peter-Paul Rubens, Milica Tomić & Sans Souci Collective, Unknown Fields Division, Danny Veys, Paul Virilio and Kristof Vrancken.

Expo: XY
16.05.2017 -17.09.2017

Expo: XY

10 Years GlazenHuis

The current tenth-anniversary exhibition entitled ‘XY’ – ‘X’ for 10 and ‘Y’ for years- at the Lommel GlazenHuis is the glass museum’s twenty-fourth show. GlazenHuis has invited twenty-four artists and designers to demonstrate up-to-date uses of glass within the field of fine and applied arts in Belgium.

The Belgians’ feel for material must be in their genetic code. Because of the traditions of the manufacturing sector and industry alongside the application of crafts as the backbone of Belgium's design industry where glass plays an important role in the cultural values that form Belgium’s identity.

The current tenth-anniversary exhibition entitled XY 10 YEAR GLAZENHUIS will be a mix of the usual suspects and new collaborations, fresh works and reproductions: glass objects, jewelry, sculptures, installations, photographs, paintings, videos, and performances. In other words, a selection perfectly in line with the GlazenHuis’ ideology. With an impressive list of artists on display, GlazenHuis underlines the relevance of the material of glass in contemporary art. The wide array of artists who agreed to participate can also testify to the reputation our museum has built up during the past decade.

This very interesting selection of works by visual artists, studio glass artists, glass artists and designers exhibits the role of art in our modern society and an on-going process of cross fertilization and the shared languages of industrial design, craft and art. It’s no coincidence that the countries with the happiest people are where culture and art play a vital role in shaping and connecting the past and present with the future. The fearless statements by artists in ‘XY’ conquer our hearts and through their glass we can look at ourselves and the world.

Curator: Jeroen Maes
Production: © GLAZENHUIS

Artists: Anna Torfs, Ann Veronica Janssens, Christine Vanoppen, Cindy Wright, Gauthier Pierson, Hans Op De Beeck, Ilse Van Roy, Jan Fabre, Karen Vermeren, Karin Borghouts, Klaar Prims, Koen Vanderstukken, Koen Vanmechelen, Kristof Vrancken, Lieven De Boeck, Linde Hermans, Lore Langendries, Maria Dukers, Mariken Dumon, Nel Verbeke, Peter De Cupere, Sylvie Vandenhoucke, Warner Berckmans en Wim Delvoye.

Theaterstuk: SCHROOT

Theaterstuk: SCHROOT

De documentairebeelden van Kristof Vrancken over Ford Genk worden getoond tijdens het theater "Schroot" van het Nieuwstedelijk

A business that makes nothing but money is a poor business

Op 24 oktober 1962 wordt in Genk de eerste steen gelegd voor een nieuwe Fordfabriek – één van de modernste van Europa.  Dag op dag 50 jaar later kondigt Ford Europe de sluiting van Genk aan. ‘De Ford’ is jarenlang een motor voor de Limburgse economie.  Op het hoogtepunt in 1993 werken er ruim 14.000 mensen. Eind jaren ’90 keert het tij.  Maar zelfs na een stevige sanering in 2003, leeft er opnieuw hoop.  Als het doek in 2012 valt, betekent dat het ontslag van 4.300 Fordwerknemers en 5.500 werknemers bij de toeleveranciers.  Voor de buitenwereld een nieuwsfeit.  Voor de betrokkenen een tragedie. Schroot vertelt het persoonlijke verhaal van een bewakingsagent die als laatste de poort achter zich dicht trekt. Schroot is gebaseerd op diepte-interviews met ex-werknemers en tekstbijdragen van Guido Kees, een ex-Fordbediende.

Op 31 maart is Schroot te zien in een kleine versie in C-mine cultuurcentrum. We brengen de voorstelling als theatrale tekstlezing. Acteur Bram De Win leest de tekst tegen een achtergrond van unieke foto's die fotograaf Kristof Vrancken op verschillende ogenblikken maakte in de Ford fabriek. Het ontroerende afscheidslied Ciao Mondeo wordt live gebracht door Stijn Segers.

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Expo: Celibataire Divas
02.07.2017 -03.09.2017

Expo: Celibataire Divas

In Cooperation with the art gallery De Mijlpaal

The Abbey of Herkenrode, just outisde the city walls of Hasselt, was an unseen center of power for centuries. The Cistercians had an unprecendented spiritual and worldly power from 1317, because of the pilgrimage of the Bleeding Host. The respectful refuge house withing the city walls was a shelter for isolation and reflection. The exhibition Celibataire Divas focusses on the unusual life of these emancipated women through an extraordinary selection of international and contemporary artworks. Step into a unique historical location, which is exceptionally accessible and discover a fascinating scenography. For this exhibition Patrick Ceyssens and Kristof Vrancken made a new video-installation about the pilgrimage of the Bleeding Host. 


Miles Aldridge, Anahita Razmi, Nick Ervinck, Koen Vanmechelen, Erwin Olaf, Rob Sweere, Cindy Wright, Jan Fabre, Marie Cecile Thijs, Hans Op de Beeck, Trees de Mits, Nan Goldin, Vanessa Beecroft, Renato Nicolodi, Louise Mertens, Hadassah Emmerich, Ulrike Bolenz, Peter de Cupere, Janaina Tschape Gilles, Leroy Brothers, Maria Roosen, Karin Borghouts, Nick Knight, Sara Bomans, Stefan Peters, Thalen & Thalen, Steven Peters, Caraballo Maryam Najd, Patrick Ceyssens, Kristof Vrancken, Rudi Knoops, Peter Deleu, Mieke Teirlinck, Jorge Manilla, Lore Langendries, Johan Bruninx, Frederik De Wilde, Jonas Vansteenkiste, Filip Vervaet, Linde Hermans, Fred Eerdekens, Eduardo Chillida (ES), Jim Dine (VS), Michel Seuphor, Octave Landuyt, Camiel Van Breedam, Warner Berckmans, Bart Lens, Philippe Vandenberg, Monique Thomaes, Ick Reuvis, Nick Knight (GB), Philippe van Gelooven, Johan Bruninx,Mireille Robbe, Marrie Bot (NL)
Maastrichterstraat 100, Hasselt
2 juli - 3 september 2017

Finissage Manufactuur 3.0

Finissage Manufactuur 3.0

From October 1 onwards, MANUFACTUUR 3.0 has been a continuously changing temporary place of production in the beguinage houses in Hasselt and C-mine design centre in Genk. Are you curious about the trajectories of the participants and the (preliminary) results of their research? On January 7, the designers and artists will present a round-up of their MANUFACTUUR 3.0 projects. 

Saturday, January 7, from 13h00 to 17h00
During Finissage TRADEMARKS Stadstriënnale Hasselt-Genk
at Z33, Zuivelmarkt 33 in Hasselt   and C-mine design center, Evence Coppéelaan 91 in Genk
Free access

Expo: Tree of life
11.12.2016 -29.01.2017

Expo: Tree of life

Archaeology and mythology tells us about the unique place that trees have in our world view. The tree is at once a perfect symbol for life itself. Its roots in the earth connect it to the underworld. Its branches reach toward the sky as a mediator between the gods and man. So too in Celtic mythology, the tree of life is the connection between the world of water, air and earth.

Karin Borghouts, Casimir, Patrick Ceyssens, Stijn Cole, Trees De Mits, Peter Deleu, Nick Ervinck, Pepijn Hendrickx, Roel Jacobs, Kuppers & Wuytens, Inge de Schuyter, Vicky Gruyters, Marc Janssens, Patrick Keulemans, Lore Langendries, Jorge Manilla, Iris Mondelaers, Studio Nedda, Stefan Peters, Willy Peeters, Patrick Reuvis, Helena Schepens, Karen Vanmol, Christine Vanoppen, Rob Sweere, Mieke Teirlinck, Philippe van Gelooven, Ann Van Hoey, Hanne Van Rompaey, Kristof Vrancken

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Exposition: Colours of the sky
13.10.2016 -16.11.2016

Exposition: Colours of the sky

The “Colours of the Sky” exhibition has travelled from Knokke to Heusden and was titled “A gaze fixed on the horizon”.

Colours of the Sky is an ode to the beauty of the sea and the sky. This exhibition displays the work of modern and contemporary artists, whose figurative and abstract work clearly demonstrates their indebtedness to the interaction of light and colour. The artworks change often and constantly surprise, much like the colours of the North Sea sky. 

Warner Berckmans, Ulrike Bolenz, Karin Borghouts, Émilie Brout & Maxime Marion (FR), Eduardo Chillida (ES), Stijn Cole, Trees De Mits, Frederik De Wilde, Nick Ervinck, Stephanie Leblon, Kurt Lewy, Gerhard Richter (DE), Thomas Ruff (DE), Sigmar Polke (DE), Kristof Vrancken, Philippe van Gelooven, Ick Reuvis, Jeff Rutten, Michel Seuphor, Rob Sweere (NL), Mieke Teirlinck, Monique Thomaes, Octave Landuyt, Iris Mondelaers, Camiel Van Breedam, Sylvie Vandenhoucke, Ann Van Hoey, Christine Vanoppen.

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Opening: The Night
30.09.2016 -16.10.2016

Opening: The Night

The Night provides a loophole, not in the form of an escape to the future but an escape from time. For a moment you can get away from time, modern life, people; it provides a void that enables to pause and not be distracted by anything.

In the darkest hours we are allowed to be bored, we are not being entertained, we and our surroundings may come to rest. Usually weighed down by constant crowds and always in motion, at night the world seems to take off her mask. She feels almost vulnerable, naked, stripped of all the elements that usually distract us and keeps us from seeing her true nature.

For the nightly wanderer the night provides a complete stagnation, which offers the opportunity for attention and reflection.

Ten artists capture the nightly feeling in this exhibition. It shows what the night has to offer, not only to the artist but for everyone who is able to pay attention to the world around us. You will get a look into the night as you haven’t seen it before.


Jennifer Ahlamaa (FIN)

Pablo Hannon (B)

Joris Hilterman (NL)

Siem Lasseel (B)

Cristian Ordóñez (CAN)

Alan Reinders (NL)

Kristof Vrancken (B)

Chantalle Weerts (NL)

Iris van der Heijden (NL)

Mike Feijen (NL)


Grote Gracht 42
NL-6211 SX Maastricht

Opening: 30 September, 19:00 – 22:00

Exhibition open from 1-16 October

Proud to be part of Manufactuur 3.0 @ Z33
30.09.2016 -08.01.2017

Proud to be part of Manufactuur 3.0 @ Z33

With MANUFACTUUR 3.0 Z33 searches for new production models in a fast changing world. Digital revolutions, ecological awareness and shifts in the fields of work and labour encourage us to rethink the traditional industrial production model. MANUFACTUUR 3.0 brings designers and artists together to work around alternative production scenarios. The exhibition functions as a production platform, continuously in progress.

Z33 induces diverse international projects on living and working in a (small) urban context. A network of designers and artists has been creating new methods for production and cooperation. With MANUFACTUUR 3.0 these new insights now come to Hasselt and Genk. The dynamic exhibition format shows the changing role of the designer and artist as active producers in a city.

CURATOR: Evelien Bracke

PARTICIPATING DESIGNERS & ARTISTS: Eugenia Morpurgo (IT), Atelier NL (NL), Henriëtte Waal (NL), KOPIJ (BE), Kristof Vrancken (BE), Hacking Households (INT), Henrique Nascimento (PT) & Erik Vlemmix (NL), Stijn Van Dorpe (BE), Rotor (BE), Girls Like Us (NL), Andrea de Chirico (IT), De Andere Markt (Ben Hagenaars (BE) & Pablo Calderon Salazar (CO))

SCENOGRAPHY: Olivier Goethals


LOCATIONS: Z33  & C-mine design centre
Z33, Zuivelmarkt 33 in Hasselt: Tue–Fri 10h00–17h00 & Sat–Sun: 13h00–17h00
C-mine design centre, Evence Coppéelaan 91 in Genk: Tue–Sun 10h00–17u00

Stadstriënnale Hasselt-Genk TRADEMARKS

MANUFACTUUR 3.0 is part of the hybrid art festival Stadstriënnale (City Triennal) in Hasselt and Genk.

TRADEMARKS blindly define the landscape of our daily lives. Everything that is heard, seen, tasted, smelt and felt today is marked by logos and stories. These figurative marks are often so intertwined with the product that they become invisible.

On 1st October 2016 commences the multidisciplinary arts festival Stadstriënnale Hasselt-Genk, turning the spotlight onto these TRADEMARKS. Through contemporary art, fashion, design, music and photography the City Triennial in Hasselt and Genk discloses the stories behind originality, innovation and personal branding in artistic ways. Several exhibitions, socio-artistic projects and a myriad of invigorating activities take you on a 100 days of Logomania rollercoaster.

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